AB Optical Cable 1,5m


  • Lenght 1,5m
  • Diameter: 2.2mm
  • Used to connect Toslink interfaces on audio equipment such as DVD players, receivers and MP3 players
  • Fiber cable eliminates distortion caused by capacitance and resistance of traditional wire cables
  • Works with all standard Toslink enabled devices ensuring multi vendor interoperability
  • Crystal Clear Digital Audio via a Lightweight and Flexible Toslink Cable | Compatible With S/PDIF, ADAT’s, Dolby Digital, & DTS

15.00 лв.

AB Optical Cable 1,5m



This high quality slim 2.2mm OD Toslink Optical Digital Audio Cable connection carries a digital audio stream using a fiber-optic cable. Our Toslink Cable is perfect for whenever you need to connect audio devices, such as a CD or DVD players to a receiver or preamplifier.


In home-theater applications, you can use the Toslink connection to send a Dolby Digital or DTS soundtrack to an audio processor or A/V receiver for surround-sound decoding.


Since Toslink uses fiber-optic cable, it is free from distortion caused by electrical or magnetic interference that an electrical cable would incur. The result is an audio signal that is purer, as well as truer to the original recording.


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