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Сателитна антена SELFSAT H30D2


  • Дискретна антена
  • Лесна за пренасяне и монтаж
  • Подходяща за нови сгради
  •  = 60см офсет
  • За свързване на до 2 приемника
  • Може да се боядиса в цвета на сградата

214.00 лв.

Сателитна антена SELFSAT H30D2




DESCRIPTION of Selfsat Flat Satellite Dish (TWIN Output)

This superb flat plate antenna with built-in quad LNB is the perfect alternative to a dish. The Selfsat H30D2 is even flatter and smaller than previous models and can be installed discretely to the house or caravan. It can feed 2 satellite receivers. The Selfsat H30D2 Twin Output comes with an ultra versatile bracket making it very easy to install. It’s reception capabilities are approximately equivalent to that of a 60cm dish, making it perfect for use in most European locations with Hotbird, Eurobird or Astra satellites.

The Selfsat H30D2 can be transported without any problems and can be mounted and dismounted easily and quickly making it ideal for caravanning and camping use. Manual, basic toolkit and compass included.


  • Integrated Twin LNB
  • Can feed 2 satellite receivers
  • Ideal for a standard and high-definition reception
  • Mast and wall mount included
  • Receive power (gain) 33.7 dB at 12.75 GHz
  • LNB Reception frequency 10.7 – 12.75 GHz
  • Oscillator frequency 9,75 / 10,6 GHz
  • Manuals: English, German, French and Italian
  • Contents: Flat antenna, various mounts, manual, toolkit, compass
  • Weight: 4 kg

USES of Selfsat Flat Satellite Dish (Twin Output)

  • Used for receiving 1 satellite such as: Helassat 39E, Hotbird 13e, Astra 3 23E,Intelsat 45E,Turksat 42E, Astra 19E etc.
  • Quad output model for feeding 4 satellite receivers
  • Mainly used on Apartments where a discreet dish is required

ADVANTAGES of Selfsat Flat Satellite Dish

  • Extremely Small
  • Discreet (Can be painted too)
  • Wall bracket included
  • LNB Built in
  • This superb flat plate antenna with built-in single LNB is the perfect alternative to a dish. The Selfsat H30D4 is even flatter and smalle


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