DIGI 343 LTE 800 Antenna / Aerial

The Digi 343 21-60 is optimised for maximum gain in the frequency area 87-790 MHz. Above 790 MHz the antenna rollsoff, protecting the installation against LTE interference 790-862 MHz. The Digi 343 E21-60 spots the same features that has made other TRIAX Digi 343 antennas a success including:  (LTE is a trademark of ETSI)

  • Easy installation
  • High performance antenna
  • Stable and strong construction
  • Specially designed for HDTV digital reception
  • F-connector


The innovative folding structure reduces space requirement and improves logistics. The Digi 343 E21-60 is approved to carry the “LTE Protected – by TRIAX” logo

45.00 лв.

DIGI 343 LTE 800 Antenna / Aerial



Frequency range
Channels: E21-60
Band: BIV/V
Frequency range UHF: 470-790 MHz

Elements: 43 pcs

Antenna gain: 15.5 dBi

Front to back ratio
Front to back ratio – horizontal: 20 dB

Beamwidth – Windload
Beamwidth horizontal: ±15 degrees
Windload: 150 N

Length: 1056 mm
Width: 540 mm
Weight: 1.60 kg

Individual box / 5 pcs in outer carton

Impedance: 75 Ohm
Material: Aluminium
Connector: F-female
Bracket type: Rear mast bracket


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